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  1. HydroGadget Rev 0.F First Build Notes

    Started assembly of the HydroGadget Rev 0.F. The parts that I was most worried about fitting correctly on the PCB are fitting perfectly. Sweet! I’ve been burnt in the not so distant past by not paying close attention to mechanical tolerances on datasheets. However, I did manage to ...

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  2. HydroGadget Rev 0.F PCBs Are In

    Three beautiful purple prototype PCBs of HydroGadget Rev 0.F came in the mail today. Simply cannot beat the value OSH Park offers. I do need to track down why DipTrace didn’t tent my vias on the gerber export. The preview within DipTrace shows the vias tented, but the ...

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  3. HydroGadget Rev 0.F Schematic & PCB Layout

    I really meant to get this finished and published a month ago, but life got in the way. Put in a whole lot of extra hours producing a special one time Cirque du Soleil production in our showroom to benefit “One Drop“, a world water access charity. The event was ...

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  4. HydroGadget Protoboard Build

    It’s alive! Sometimes protoboard builds are not exactly great looking. This power supply board is a good example. I’m rather pleased however, how the output board came out. I couldn’t locate a fuse of the right size so I just dropped a machine screw I had laying ...

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  5. HydroGadget Prototype Hardware Design

    Early on we decided that we wanted this project to be simple enough that a person relatively new to soldering could successfully assemble the board with pretty basic tools and supplies. This ruled out using any surface mount component and using through hole exclusively. We also wanted to limit the ...

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